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Google Tangi App Comes As A Tik Tok Alternative

Tik Tok is well known for the short videos, funny, creative, or comedy. Well, it seems that Google has its plans to take the lead with a similar app. The giant will launch a new app called Tangi, based on the same idea of a short 60 seconds video, but with other themes. Google wants to bring a platform that could let users upload videos about art, beauty, fashion, cooking, and lifestyle. Also, Tangi will have the principal focus on the Do It Yourself theme.

Google Tangi App – 60-second videos of DIY

Google had thought of an app that will motive a lot of people by seeing other individuals’ work to join the area of DIY. The company has a special department created for experimental projects. The department is called Area120 and will be the direct developer of the Tangi app. Also, interesting, do you know fact, Tangi actually means: TeAch aNd Give. Besides the idea that you create something, you share it with people; the result will be a tangible object for each user that tries the DIY method.

Furthermore, the app will work like every social media and video app. People are searching for something, they see, learn, and do it. And in this way, a lot of groups and connections are born. Tangi will help individuals create communities all around the world and the most important, sharing the same passion. Practically, Tangi will be a mix between Tik Tok and Instagram.

In short, besides the two apps mixed for creating Tangi, we can say we will see a bit of Pinterest here. The short video will give help to many users that want to create something, but they need to take a lot of time to read the instruction. Tangi will also have content in the app, but this part is in development. Moreover, the app will be available for iOS users and in the browser. The people that are having access to Tangi will be selected, but the viewers do not have restrictions.


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