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Google Stadia Vs Nvidia GeForce Now – Which Cloud Gaming Service Is Better

The age of cloud gaming is here as new services have entered the fray and try their best to attract a loyal fan base. Two of the most popular choices are Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now, with both being offered by renowned companies.

Below you can find a brief comparison between the new services. Several key aspects are tackled, including the available library, graphics quality, and performance in multiplayer titles.

Google Stadia Vs Nvidia GeForce Now

Available library

Google has taken an interesting approach as Stadia is a cloud gaming service and a storefront at the same time. The only way to play games on the service is to buy a dedicated Stadia version. Some titles are available for free for those who have a Stadia Pro subscription.

On the other hand, GeForce Now offers the chance to play games that are already present in your Steam, Uplay, or Epic Store library. There is no need to pay for the game again if you already own it on one of these platforms.

Graphics quality

This is a bit of a thorny subject for Stadia. While the service promised 4K@60FPS, the real performance is a bit lower, and even if the stream has a 4K quality is not clear if the game will run at 4K. However, the overall gaming experience is excellent, with only a few freezes taking place.

Nvidia noted from the start that GeForce Now offers 1080p@60FPS and lives up to the claim, with the service providing a superb experience, especially in the case of optimized titles.

Multiplayer communities

In this case, Nvidia has a definite edge as the service connects gamers to thousands of other players across all over the world. While some game available for stadia offers the ability to play with other PC users most tend to use dedicated Stadia servers. Both services are available across several platforms.


At this point, Nvidia GeForce Now is the better choice, offering an experience that is similar to owning a real gaming PC. However, Google Stadia might evolve more in the future. Only time will tell!


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