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Google Stadia to Make More Than 120 Games Available on the Platform

Google Stadia, the video game streaming platform developed and released by the tech giant back in 2019, is optimist about this new year, as per some news release on the Stadia Community Blog.

This community blog not only showcases the enhancements implemented in the platform throughout its two months of life, but also offers a preview regarding what users should expect to receive this year, and more particularly, in the following three months.

Given this, they are already revealing that over 120 new games will come to life during 2020, with more than ten brand new titles being exclusive on the Stadia platform in the first part of the year.

Google Stadia Begins to Evolve

With regard to the new titles, Google keeps working with its collaborators in order to implement planned released and promises the company will soon provide more details about it. The tech giant is apparently waiting for the perfect moment to provide that information to all its fans and Stadia users.

But besides the games, the newly-released Stadia will also pack some brand new features that subscribers will be able to explore without having to download or update them. This fact alone makes Stadia a completely cloud-based streaming platform with no need to download or update any locally installed software.

What the Platform Intends to Offer

According to developers of Google Stadia, the platform will offer support for 4K resolution games on the web, and users will have the possibility to add more features to the wizard when playing via the web. In addition, Google Stadia plans to provide support for more mobile phones running the Android operating system, as well as wireless games on the Internet via the Stadia controller.

People are, however, doubting each and every one of these features will be made available, although this year is also expected to deliver the Stadia Base, the subscription option that will enable users to use the service free of charge.


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