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Google Stadia – Here’s All That You Need To Know About It

Stadia is a cloud gaming service operated by Google, which is a mind-blowing concept for the whole gaming scenario. However, after the announcement of the consoles, things don’t look as promising as first believed.

The other two big companies collaborated with Google for the cloud storage, Sony and Microsoft. In the consumer’s mind, Stadia could change the scenario of gaming, but things could also go wrong. How? Read below to find out some reasons why Google Stadia could be a bit of disappointment.

Let’s start with quality

Google’s Stadia advantage should be the portability; however, the quality could not lift to the mark as expected as users should move to consoles and PCs for better quality gaming.

Subscription Prices

The price for Google Stadia itself is cost-effective; however, taking into consideration as it collaborates with developers, the subscription prices are expected to be higher. Services like PS Now are available for 30$ per month, so Google Stadia should limit their costs at affordable charges so that a smooth release could happen.

Games Developer Agreements

If Google Stadia do not have decent games to offer, it will be catastrophic for its consumers. Axing Stadia to earn profits will not be a wrong move for the Games Developers.

Internet Requirements

The concept of streaming service is based on internet speeds. High-speed internet is still a problem in many regions; therefore, Google has to tread carefully if here will be high-speed requirements at the launch of the platform.

Game Publisher Agreements

If Google Stadia will let Publishers offer their gaming subscriptions, it is going to be a wrong move. The more publisher-specific game subscriptions, the more choices people will have for the payment for Stadia; however, this will also complicate things further. This means as a user, you will have to pay both companies separately to play a specific game, such as Ubisoft UPlay Plus developer on Stadia.


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