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Google Search to See Major Change That Will Help Users Find Phases Easily

When searching for general information, a simple result on a web engine would be enough. However, if you’re interested in references to a certain snippet of text, finding where it has been mentioned on a page is rather difficult at times.  

Google is one of the search engines able to show pages that contain the text you search for, but now a new addition is being brought to the software, which will make it simpler and easier to find the text. It means that you won’t have to press the Ctrl and F keys to carry out a secondary search for a phase once you’ve visited a page.  

The change involves AMP pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and has been tested for about a year and a half. When you click on a phase in the search results, you’ll be sent to that exact snippet of text on a page. Moreover, Google will also highlight the text you’re searching for to help speed things up. While this change is great for searchers, it might not do good for websites as it means the visitors could get straight to content and past ads.  

How the Feature Works  

From the point of view of anyone that owns a website, the great thing about the feature is that there’s no action needed from the site owner. There are no adjustments needed to code, as Google handles the whole process automatically. Like it has done with AMP pages, it is now doing with HTMP pages as well.  

However, it is possible for site administrators to disable the ‘featured snippets’ function, according to Google. The company also explained on its Twitter page how the feature uses the ‘Scroll to text’ function to direct searchers to the phases they look for.    

  In theory, the function should work in all browsers, but there may be errors from time to time. Chrome is probably going to have the best results, but, again, it is worth making sure you have all the latest updates for the browser you use so the feature could work smoothly. 

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