Google Play Store v18.6.28 Update Could Automatically Install Software On Your Device

Google Play Store was recently in the spotlight once again due to a controversial update.

A couple of weeks ago, we were reporting that there were a few threads on Reddit about users who haven’t been seeing any notifications after apps were automatically updated.

It’s been also reported back then that the tech giant first assumed that this was a bug, but then a spokesperson from the tech giant confirmed that the lack of confirmations after apps get updates is something that has deliberately been done by the engineers of the company.

The main aim is to reduce notification spam, according to official notes.

Some users obviously feel that it’s pretty useful to know which app received updates, but some believe that such notifications could be something really annoying in the end.

Anyway, here’s another issue that might not make some users too excited – it could come with the latest Google Play Store update v18.6.28.

Google Play Store v18.6.28 update

It’s important to note that a few years ago, Google introduces an option for publishers to create the pre-release Play Store listings and also allow end-users to express their interest in the app by pre-registering for it.

Now, according to the latest reports coming from XDA-developers, it seems that Google might be getting ready to automatically install the pre-registered apps and games on the end-user devices.

The online publication mentioned above notes that the Google Play Store v18.6.28 includes some strings that might show the fact that the app distribution platform could soon start to install apps and games automatically for which users expressed an interest in via the pre-registration process.

Such a change could install the software on your device, and after that, it would let you know that this happened. Not everyone would be happy after such a change. Would you like to see this new move included in the Google Play Store update?

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