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Google Play Store Update: Better Device Security And More

All Google Play Store users know that the platform had its share of malicious apps, and, on the other hand, it’s also worth noting that the store’s security still makes it the safest way to get new apps on mobile devices.

Now, Android Authority revealed that a few upcoming Play Store security features would bring even more safety to users’ devices.

The popular online publicaiton mentioned above cites XDA Developers and reveals that the Play Store will introduce an incognito mode that can be used for private downloads.

This will also reportedly remind users to revoke the previously allowed sideloading permissions from other applications.

The privacy concerns are growing these days, and more people understand the importance of security and privacy-related features.

Google understands this very well, and the tech giant is trying to provide users with as many privacy features as possible.

Incognito Mode and more privacy features 

The Incognito Mode should allow users to browse and download apps without having their personal data collected, and this is very important.

According to the same online publication, “Soon, a new Google Play Store security feature will build upon that and remind users to revoke those permissions afterward. This is a big security improvement, as it helps prevent third-party applications from secretly downloading malicious software.”

It’s also been reported that there is no certain date which marks the addition of these important features to the Google Play Store, but it’s believed that it will definitely happen sooner rather than later.

Play Store was in the spotlight not too long ago, when we reported that WhatsApp is back on the platform.

Last week, On Friday, it’s been reported that WhatsApp has disappeared from the Google Play Store.

Facebook’s app confirmed that the app is now back on track on the store after its disappearance.


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