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Google Play Services Version 20.39.15 Beta Is Here With Improved Reliability And Extra Performance!

Google Play Services is the tech giant’s designated tool for updating Google-powered smartphone applications and other apps from the Play Store.

Google Play Services is an elemental component for app login and other functions. Play Services is also needed to back-up data, obtain the latest privacy updates and low-power location services.

Current Version

The current beta version bears the number 20.39.15.

We suggest keeping Google Play Services updated as it has such a significant role in the smartphone’s performance.

It would be best to keep Google Play Services outdated because you expose your smartphone to many dangers and don’t benefit from high performance.

Updating To The Latest Version

We recommend updating the service to version number 20.39.15 rapidly, if you haven’t yet, to ensure that you don’t miss out on the newest and most advanced security innovations and functions.

Google Play Services normally updates itself automatically, but at times it fails to do it.

If it does not manage to update itself, there are a few ways to do it manually.

First, navigate to your Android device’s settings, update tab, and turn on auto-updates.

You can tap the app and then the update button if a new update is available for download.

However, if that still doesn’t solve the problem, there are other ways around it- You can manually download the updated apk file from another source that you trust and install it yourself.

However, we suggest avoiding doing that because installing updates from unreliable sources can lead to significant problems in your device’s performance.

Always try to get updates from secure, verified sources, like the Google Play Store.


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