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Google Play Services Latest Update Available with Bug Fixes and New Changes

Google Play Services is a background process that takes care of everything related to Google on your Android smartphone.

Google Play Services is somewhat like a core app that takes complete care of Google apps.

Google Play Services comes pre-installed on all Android devices, along with Play Store and YouTube. If there are issues on devices running any Google app, Play Services might cause the problem.

Here is how to get rid of the errors:

Updating Play Services

First, open the Google Play Services app page in a web browser.

Sign in the play store using the same Google account you are using on your device.

If you see an update button, tap it to update the app.

Resetting Play Services

If the previous method did not work, the next one might.

Open the Settings app. Go to the app manager of your smartphone and look for Google Play Services.

Tap the “Force Stop” button to stop Play Services for a while.

Tap the “Manage Storage” button and select “Clear All Data” To delete the app’s cache.

Restart your device and try to open Google Play Store.

After restarting the device and opening any Google-based app, the operating system might require you to sign in to your Google account again, because you deleted the cache.

If that happens, you only have to sign in again, and you are good to go.

If neither of the two solutions fixed your device, then the problem is of a different nature. If you installed apps from a third-party app market or your Google Play Services app isn’t from an original source, that might be the cause.

You can either contact Google’s support forums or look for an alternative fix.


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