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Google Play Services 20.12.14: How Parents Will Be Able to Take Care of Their Children With a Secondary Lockscreen

Google released the first developer preview of Android 11 a month ago. Then, the second developer preview came. Both of the builds have come with a lot of changes, including a one-time permission use that’s new to the game, and notification history. There are also many new APIs we need to keep our eyes on. One of them is the DevicePolicyKeyguardService API. With this one, you can add a secondary lock screen to the SystemUI. Was this supposed to be for enterprise use? We know for sure that it can help as a new parental control tool for Family Link.

The name of the service is “,” and it suggests that Family Link will be the one using it. We believe that, by using this service, Google will allow parents to set up a secondary lock screen for their kids. This way, they will get the information different than the one from the main lock screen.

The API documentation also shows that the implementation should be provided by the device admin app, meaning Google Play Services. The service also suggests that this feature is only available for devices that run on Android 11 and above.

You need to keep in mind that, even if the service is present in the Manifest of Google Play Services, we weren’t able to find any strings or even assets about the feature. Also, the latest version of Family Link didn’t come with many details about this feature, either. We believe we were not able to find anything due to the fact that the feature might still be in the early development stages. This means that we will have to wait a bit before finding out more about this fantastic feature for parents.

We believe we will find out more about the feature after the Android 11 stable version will be released to the public.

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