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Google Play Services 19.4.20 Beta Update is Now Available for Download with Improved Stability

Even though most people tend to stay away from beta programs because they don’t want to deal with bugs or glitches, joining the Android beta program is actually a good idea. Since this is Google we are talking about, the beta version of the Android operating system is never going to glitch or randomly shut down. To make things even better, the Android parent is constantly rolling out software updates for its most important apps and services. In fact, Google Play Services has just been updated.

Google Play Services 19.4.20 Beta Update

As previously noted, Google Play Services has recently received a new update. The update sports the 19.4.20 beta version number and it is exclusive to beta users. On the bright side of things, Google is allowing everyone who uses an Android powered smartphone to join the beta program and to top it all off, creating a beta account doesn’t take longer than a couple of minutes.

Improved Software Stability

Android fans should be pleased to find out that the new update for Google Play Services doesn’t focus on introducing new features and instead, it aims to enhance the overall Android user experience. The way that the update is doing that is by introducing a handful of bug fixes that have been specially designed to improve the overall software stability of Android powered smartphones.

The Importance of Google Play Services

The interesting thing about Google Play Services is that despite being one of the most important native Android apps, most users have no idea what it does on their smartphones. In fact, some Android fans have even deleted Google Play Services from their smartphones in order to free up internal storage space and then they were surprised to find out that none of their apps work anymore. This is due to the fact that Google Play Services is a background app that provides core functionality.


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