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Google Play Games 2020.03.16841 Update for Android TV is Now Available

Google Play Games is an online gaming platform and software development kit created and operated by Google, obviously. The product is made for Android mobile devices, as well as Android TV, which has just received a new update.

The platform allows you to create a gamer profile, has cloud saves, social and public leaderboards, achievements, and real-time multiplayer capabilities. As a matter of fact, if you want to be able to play with your friends on smartphones, Google Play Games has recently released a feature that’s been spotted last month on its code.

An Exciting Feature

The Play Together functionality allows you to play with your friends, and it enables you to see them on the app. It appears to be a server-side release, which means that not everyone can see it, but those who can now have the possibility to with their friends via the platform.

According to XDA Developers, users will know when they have the feature if the ‘Profile’ tab on the app has been replaced with the ‘Social’ tab. When getting the new tab, you will also receive some notifications with options for the new feature.

The pop-ups will reportedly ask who you want to see your game activity, as well as if you want the games to have access to your friends’ list. After, aFacebook tab will appear on the social page under your name and icon; you are enabled to add friends to that list, and Google Play Games will also suggest other people you can add, considering your contacts.

There’s also the possibility to add your friends with a link, share your stats, and see which games you both play. This will enable you to also compare scores and achievements.

Now back to Android TV, users have requested some features similar to this for this Google Play Games platform, but the latest release doesn’t bring any new features or changes.

Google Play Games 2020.03.16841 Update for Android TV

The most recent roll-out, Google Play Games 2020.03.16841 update, comes with numerous bug fixes and some overall improvements.


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