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“Google Play Authentication Is Required” Error And How to Fix It

Many Android users have encountered the “Google Play authentication is required” error. Thankfully, this problem is very easy to solve and does not require special expertise. All you need to do is to follow the upcoming steps presented in this article. Firstly pick the method that suits you the most since there are several ways to solve this issue.

  1. Uninstall the Play Store Updates:

In some cases, the problem is caused by the Play Store and not by your credentials. Therefore, you need to access the Settings part in your Google Play, search for the “Apps” section, and uninstall updates. This feature will get you back to the original version of the Play Store. After that, install the latest version available for Google Play Store.

  1. Remove the Google Account:

Go to the Settings menu and press on the option entitled “Accounts and sync,” where you can find the Google account and remove it. Then, simply introduce all the needed credentials again and restart your device before trying to access Google Play.

  1. Refresh your Google Account:

Sometimes the error is caused by a failure to synchronize your Google Account with your device. All you can do in this case is to go to Settings and select Account and sync, where you simply press on the Account sync option for your Google Account.

  1. Clear data from the Play Store:

To do that, you first need to go again to the Settings function and search for the Apps folder, where Google Play is located. After that, you need to scroll at the end of the page to find the Storage settings and simply press on “Clear data.” A smart tip would be trying to clear the cache at first, and if it does not work, try this option for better results.

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