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Google Pixel 5: List of things we don’t know yet

Google Pixel 5 is right around the corner. The upcoming Google event is fast approaching, and we assume the company will officially introduce its next-gen smartphone. The conference will take place on September 30. Although we know almost everything about the upcoming flagship from leaks, we are also curious to find out what is left unknown.

Therefore, this article covers all subjects leaks that don’t seem so sure. Yes, we know Google Pixel 5 was heavily leaked; however, there are still a few points that are not very clear to us at the moment. Without further ado, let’s begin with the first point on our list:

Google Pixel 5 price

The price of the upcoming smartphone from Google is not very clear. There are actually a few leaks regarding the Pixel 5 price; however, they are all inconsistent. So far, there are two different price leaks for the US, which state $649 and $699. There is a rumor the upcoming Pixel will cost just as much as the first generation, which means the phone will be sold for £599 in the UK and AU$1,079 in Australia. However, other sources predicted that Google Pixel 5 would cost $790. So far, the lowest price suggested comes from Europe, which is $585.

Therefore, the price is not very clear to us at the moment. However, they do have something in common. Most sources point out that Google Pixel 5 is going to be cheaper than Pixel 4, which means less than $799 / £669 / AU$1,049.

Google Pixel 5 XL existence

So far, the company has released an XL version of its flagships. However, any tradition can change, so we might not see a Pixel 5 XL model this year. The reason why we believe so is that so far, all leaks mention Pixel 5 only. Therefore, Pixel 5 XL might not even exist. If it would, we should have already heard something about it since Pixel 5 was so leaked.

Motion Sense feature

Google Pixel 4 introduces the famous motion sense feature, which enables the user to perform gestures. That means the user can use its mobile phone without actually touching the screen via a radar chip called ‘Soli.’ However, according to some rumors, Pixel 5 won’t come with this feature.

If the rumor turns out to be accurate, it would mean a major loss for the Pixel series. Although Google Pixel 4 has this feature, it is quite limited. Therefore, what will make the Pixel 5 shine? What is the headline feature for the upcoming flagship? There are not many sources talking about this subject, so let’s just hope Google will give it another try.

Screen resolution

Another unclear factor about the upcoming smartphone is the screen resolution. Not many sources touched this point; however, two did. Therefore, the upcoming smartphone might feature the same resolution as its predecessor, 1080 x 2340. However, most leakers mentioned the possible 6-inch screen size. Although we don’t expect improvements in this department, we can’t say we are confident with what we know so far.

What makes Pixel 5 sparkle?

Google Pixel 4 caught the members of the public attention, thanks to the motion sense feature. However, the idea of the new element is more interesting than it could actually do. But, it did the trick, it made Pixel 4 stand out. Therefore, the question is, what will make Pixel 5 stand out? We don’t know yet, but according to reports, nothing of that sort. However, we expect the upcoming Google smartphone to feature some spark; otherwise, it might disappoint the audience.

Nevertheless, the upcoming event will confirm whether such a feature actually exists or not, but we hope it does. The five things above will remain unclear until Google’s next event, which is a few days away.


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