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Google Pixel 4a is Most Definitely a 4G Phone

Numerous rumors about the Google Pixel 4a have been seen and heard, but probably most of them are going to remain simple speculations.

Among the most peculiar references about Google‘s Pixel 4a that surfaced on the web lately was speculation claiming that it could come with 5G support. This particular rumor was a rather weird speculation if we take into consideration the fact that the mobile phone is created to be a cheaper version of the 5G device. However, a new leak has now completely dismissed the 5G rumor.

These latest details come from the well-known leaks website XDA Developers, which has apparently got the information connecting the Google Pixel 4a to the Snapdragon 730 processor, which does not offer 5G connectivity.

It Wouldn’t be Feasible for Google Pixel 4a to Pack 5G Connectivity

It is worth taking this new report with a pinch of salt, mainly because there is no information regarding its source, and secondly, because XDA Developers itself was the website that spread the idea of the mobile device being a 5G smartphone, to begin with. Therefore, the idea of a 5G Google Pixel 4a was rather peculiar, so this new report definitely makes sense.

We already know that there are probably three Google Pixel 4a devices being developed, as an Android source code offered three separate code names for the soon-to-be-released smartphones. The regular Google Pixel 4a was believed to be ‘Sunfish,’ but there are also two other code names: ‘Redfish’ and ‘Bramble.’

Even though this most recent leak apparently confirms the device won’t be 5G-supported, we cannot dismiss completely the possibility that Google Pixel 4a XL will not be a 5G phone, as the larger case could easily offer space for a 5G chip.

However, it would be strange for Google to launch its first-ever 5G mobile device as part of the low-range lineup, and not its top-of-the-notch smartphones. We may rather have to wait for the Google Pixel 5, which will allegedly launch at the end of this year for the next-generation of 5G connectivity on a Google mobile phone.


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