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Google Pixel 4a Details And Live Photos Leaked Before Launch

As it became a trend for smartphone companies to produce a Lite version of their original devices, so does Google. The first Google low-budget smartphone was released in May 2019 after the Google Pixel 3. As all budget-friendly smartphones, they keep the same name as the standard version with an extra ‘a,’ like Pixel 3a, for example. As the trend is still on this year as well, we expect Google to release its Google Pixel 4a version.

Looking at the full price Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, we can see a lot of new tech features. Like the updated Mountain View’s in-house mobile hardware, for example. As a low-budget version, the Google Pixel 4a will probably miss all these top features to make the phone more accessible in terms of pricing. However, there are a few rumors that suggest the exact opposite, saying that the Pixel 4a will feature a modern networking technology.

Latest Google Pixel 4a leaks

As surprisingly as it sounds, the upcoming smartphone was spotted already. The Pixel 4a is probably the most leaked smartphone ever. We were supposed to find out more details about the Google Pixel 4a on the May 12 event; however, it was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. But don’t fret, we will find out more about what the upcoming phone has to offer from Google’s official live stream. Until then, you can look at the already known facts.

The Google Pixel 4a is the first of the Pixel smartphones to feature a hole-punched display. Compared to the Pixel 4, the 4a version doesn’t feature the Soli radar technology. The Soli radar technology is located at the top bezel of the Pixel 4. The convenient this about the upcoming low-budget version is the fingerprint location.

Google Pixel 4a will have the fingerprint sensor in the middle of the back of the phone, similar to the Google Pixel 3 series. The camera set up, on the other hand, is much like the Pixel 4 version. Other leaks were about the three codenames of the upcoming phone and few spec details which you can find on 91mobiles. The price and official release date have not been officially confirmed yet.

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