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Google Pixel 4 Scores 112 Points in DXOMARK Camera Tests

Google launched early this month its top devices, one of the most upcoming smartphones, Pixel 4, and Pixel 4XL. Both devices, received almost all the same features, without the battery and screen dimension. Pixel 4XL comes with a larger screen and a bigger battery. Google succeeded, however, to gain all the attention for its camera functions of Pixel smartphones. Pixel 4 scored a total of 112 points in DXOMARK camera tests. The smartphone gained 117 points and 102 points for photography and video functions. DXOMARK explained how Pixel 4 got noticeable improvements for almost all its sections. Moreover, the camera is said to be way ahead of other Pixel devices.

Pixel 4 Camera Features

Pixel 4 comes with a dual primary camera with a telelens snapper feature and a standard-wide shooter. The device doesn’t have an ultra-wide snapper, unfortunately, and its front shooter got a single lens. For its back camera, Pixel 4 has a 12.2MP primary sensor that has f/1.7aperture, which embodies a 16MP teleport lens. Moreover, it has a 2x optical magnification extraordinary for zoom shots. Lenses support OI, a PDAF autofocus, and a dual-LED flash. As for recording, Pixel 4 got a 4K, 1080p Full HD, and a 2160p, which shots 30fps videos. Users can enjoy an excellent way of capturing photos and videos due to the gyro-based stabilization system. For selfies, try as many as you want to shot because an 8MP shooter will get you the best experience.

Users noticed how photos are more bright and colorful with the help of a precise and fast exposure. Pixel 4 allows you to shot some of the best details even when you zoomed up to the highest level. Also, it doesn’t matter where or how you will take a picture, because the camera is offering you an accurate exposure and color in flash-auto mode.


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