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Google Messages v5.0.058​ Update Came With Two Major Tweaks

Android 10 might not have been the most impressive update the OS has ever had yet, but some of the new features have definitely been loved by users. Among those, the OS brought a system-wide setting for dark mode, which enables apps to automatically switch their colors to match.

This feature still needs apps to support the mode switch. But with the most recent release of Google Messages, there is another tweak that has come to Android-powered devices. Google Messages v5.0.058​ update brought support to the dark mode, and also returned an emoji shortcut.

Dark Mode Support

The previous version of the system has the shade and the app in the background mismatched. However, in the latest version, the app matches the system setting.

In addition, the menu command for disabling or enabling the dark mode has been removed, so users cannot change the theme in Messaging now, without changing the system mode. 

​Typically, the dark mode command will still be available on devices running Android 9 Pie, and prior.

Emoji Shortcut

In previous versions of Messages, users might ​have noticed a smiley button to the right side of the message box, which enabled quick access to emojis. This feature might have been incredibly useful if you used a keyboard that did not provide the option.

The button was available for a short period, and then disabled. However, it seems to be back, hopefully for good this time. The feature can be seen on all the devices after updating the app, and it seems to have been confirmed by numerous people on Reddit. Because the update is not yet available worldwide, there is still a possibility the feature is not universal as of now.

Even though the new feature has returned, it seems like the short row of emoji in the attachments menu has been got rid of. Moreover, a change to the icon for photo attachments has also been made. The camera shape is slightly smaller, and the background box is a bit bigger, and it also has a sort of form to it.

The Google Messages v5.0.058​ update will normally send a notification when it will arrive to your device.​


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