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Google may lose its Chrome browser in the antitrust case

Google is known for having a lot of power in the online market. This led to many controversies, and therefore, the United States government decided to intervene. The giant conglomerate may have to sell some parts of its business, including its Chrome browser. Google Chrome is one of the company’s most prominent features. 

The United States Justice Department (DOJ) is now in the process of building up an antitrust case. The antitrust laws exist to promote competition among sellers, which fits Google’s description quite well. Together with various state prosecutors, they want to diminish Google’s power in some online markets. Their motive is clear: Google has too much dominance. 

According to the latest news, Google may be forced to make some drastic decisions that could affect its business. Some sources say the company may have to spin-off parts of its advertising business. Others believe Google may be constrained to sell some parts of its business. What is really surprising is that the company may have to get rid of its famous browser. 

Google Chrome case 

Its been a while since accusations started to rise against Google in the United States. However, the giant is not the only government’s target. Amazon, as well as Facebook, may face the same treatment. 

According to Google’s competitor, the company is very dominant in the search market. Due to the Google Chrome browser and the Android mobile operating system, the giant leaves little room for rivals. It is no secret that Google has a strong advertising business, and its software is famous worldwide. 

Some sources state that the Us DOJ has been planning this case for quite some time now. Therefore, the situation doesn’t look very bright for Google with all those serious charges. However, we heard no confirmation from wither Google or DOJ yet. On a more positive note, the giant has announced that Chrome will no longer use third-parties cookies. 


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