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Google Maps Instructed a Man to Cross Frozen River in Which He Fell

Google Maps is used by most people, and it is considered one of the most reliable navigation applications out there.

The tech giant behind the app had released new updates in order to make the service more precise, and it keeps implementing more tweaks. The logo of Google Maps has also been changed, and new adjustments of the user interface have been observed.

However, after Google rolled out the most recent update, users have reported some glitches. One user said that the app drove him to cross a frozen river, the Mississippi, on foot. He tried crossing it and ended up breaking the ice and falling under. As per numerous reports, the incident occurred at around 3 a.m. in Minneapolis city.

The news stated that the man followed the instructions on Google Maps, and that is why he attempted crossing the river. The man ended up submerging himself under the ice, and firefighters were called to rescue him. When asked why he tried crossing the river, he told rescuers that he was simply following Google Maps’ instructions. The man also suffered from mild hypothermia.

Google Maps Still Needs Development

As per the reports, the fire department stated that the app must have meant to tell the man to cross via the nearby Stone Arch Bridge, depicted in the Street View just close to the place he was found.

Google is working on common mapped roads, and it claimed that it is rather challenging for a navigation app to tell some to cross a river or take a dangerous path. In addition, most of the navigation applications do send an alert or notification when there is a dangerous zone nearby, such as a storm or fire on a particular route.

It seems that the man who ended up submerging himself under the Mississippi river had some issues while working with the navigation.


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