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Google Earth Update Rolled Out With 100 New 3D Cities

There are various location scouting tools available on the internet, but people are mainly using Google Earth. This is the case of numerous photographers, researchers, and so many other people performing various activities, who reportedly prefer the renown and perhaps too conventional app Google Earth.

A Perfect Location Scouting Tool

The tool allows users to explore the world from above with satellite imagery. Moreover, it enables access to 3D terrain of the entire Earth and 3D buildings in hundreds of cities all over the globe.

Users can zoom to their own house or anywhere else in the world, then pitch in for a 360° ​position with the incredible Street View. The app also enables users to explore the world by rolling the dice and jumping between random places. Voyager, a library of guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and other sources, allows you to see the world from an entirely different perspective.

According to numerous location scouting experts, Google Earth is the go-to app when it comes to finding various places. To find the perfect location you are searching for, you can change the ‘focal length’ by zooming in and out in Google Earth’s ground-level perspective, but not in the Street View mode. After zooming in or out, chart the place of the Sun and the Milky Way on specific days and times.

Users can even put to use the ‘eye altitude’ mode that can be found in the bottom of the screen, on the right-hand corner. The possibility to fine-tune a specific composition, and walking around a 3D rendering looking like real-life of the place you searched for is something only Google Earth can provide with such elegance.

Google Earth Update

Every now and then, Google releases updates for its app. The latest, Google Earth update has rolled out just a while ago, and brings new features and added cities.

The first feature Google Earth got is the ruler, which allows users to calculate distances and regions from anywhere on the globe. To use this feature, simply tap on the ruler.

The Google Earth update also added 100 more cities in 3D to the app. These cities include London, Paris, Amsterdam, and New York City. Moreover, it brought high-resolution imagery in parts of 21 countries.

You can get the app from any App Store and download it on pretty much any device.


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