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Google Duo Now Allows 12 People on a Group Video Call

Numerous communication apps and platforms have reported a rather high increase in use all over the world as people are forced to self-isolate or stay under lockdown. This means that everyone is limited to their houses, forced to stay away from families and friends, while working or studying from home.

A method people use to connect with each other is communication apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and so on. That is why those types of platforms and applications have registered a high usage in the last couple of months and continue to do so.

Video calling is the way to do things nowadays. It can be used to check on family, have presentations in a work environment, or attend online classes. For this, numerous apps out there, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Duo, and so on, offer video calling options. However, most of these apps only allow a certain number of people on a video call. Now, Google Duo has updated its services, enabling users to call up to 12 people at once.

Google Duo Update Attempts to Appeal to People

A while ago, WhatsApp also updated its video calling feature because of the coronavirus outbreak. The app now allows up to 12 people on a group video call from the previous eight limit, due to the increased reliance on video calls.

This is why Google has also updated its app to allow more people on a group call. The new version of the app enables you to use the low light mode on compatible devices as well, which means that you have a better experience in poor lighting settings.

With such updates, Google developers are attempting to make Duo an ideal video call and messaging app. With a larger number of participants, you get to have access to more information. Even though the number of people allowed now on group calls on Google Duo is lower than what FaceTime offers, for instance, which is up to 30 contacts, the Google app is still providing a great video calling experience.


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