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Google Chrome’s Got a New and Clever Feature

Google has just implemented a new function in the Chrome browser that looks like a game-changer. The new extension that can be found in the Chrome Web Store, which got an update today as well, streamlines the process of sharing web pages.  

We’ve all had someone send us a web page to read, but that means scrolling, pilfering, and searching for the piece of information we want. Link to Text Fragment, the new function rolled out by Google, fixes this dreading process.  

Accessible in the Chrome Web Store now for free, Link to Text Fragment is an extension available for Google Chrome that provides you with a new option when you highlight a certain word. For instance, if you were to find the blurb recommending Prison Royale in our Best Battle Royale Games to Play on Roblox roundup, you’d usually have to scroll and scroll until you’d get it. This is where the new extension comes into play and makes the process easier.  

How to Use the Link to Text Fragment Extension  

To use Link to Text Fragment, simply select a part of that plug, right-click and select the ‘Copy link to selected text’ option; you’ll get a link that’s longer than normal in your clipboard. Sharing that link with someone will take them to the exact point in the article you’re trying to direct them to.  

Google has also shared a video of how the process works:  


Evidently, Link to Text Fragments is not perfect yet. It doesn’t function on all types of text, but it is a good and necessary start. As detailed in a Google Developer blog post, this feature was only made possible by ‘fragment identifier’ tools in the Chrome 80 release. This means that it allows you to cut to the important part of the text, making the dreading process of scrolling to find a piece of information no longer necessary. 


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