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Google Chrome Mobile 84 Version Available with Better Speed

Some of the best apps in the world have been developed by Google. Google Chrome is the perfect example of that. It is an extremely popular browser, delivering a very fast performance and access to a lot of useful features. That is both for mobile and for PC. While we mention the mobile version of Chrome, we also have to say that it has just gotten a new update. In this article, we will present all the new features of the current update for Chrome on mobile.

The latest update available for Chrome can now be downloaded by anyone with an Android device and it has the 84.0.4147.89 version number. All you need to download it is some free internal storage space and stable access to a Wi-Fi network.

This new update is trying to improve the web surfing experience for the ordinary user. It is going to introduce a number of bug fixes and it will tackle some problems that Chrome has.

Just below, you can find the main points of this update.

  • You can browse faster while not typing that much. There are a number of personalized search results that appear instantly while you type, enabling you to browse the pages that you have visited in the past a lot faster.
  • The Incognito Mode has been improved. It allows you to go all over the web without saving your history. This enables you to browse in private on all of your devices, using Google Chrome.
  • You can now sync Chrome on all of your devices. Now, when you sign in, all of your bookmarks, settings and passwords will be saved instantly on all of your devices. You can browse with no hassle on your phone, laptop and tablet.
  • You can protect your phone with a feature called Google Safe Browsing. This keeps your phone safe by displaying some warnings whenever you go to a darker part of the web.


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