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Google Chrome Beta 80.0.3987.40 Update Helps You Avoid Annoying Notifications

Google Chrome is a really popular browser and its fans have their reasons to use it. It’s already a known fact that Google has been taking measures during the past years in order to boost security for its users.

This is just one of the reasons for which the browser is so loved by users.

A lot of people use Google Chrome to surf the web from their smartphones. Some fans found it really interesting to try out the beta program of Google Chrome a try as well.

The mobile browser is updated on a daily basis with important improvements, and the beta users are the ones who are first to try out the updates.

Speaking of updates, fans will be happy to know that a new one is rolling out as we speak, and this brings new features that you will definitely love.

Google Chrome Beta 80.0.3987.40 Update

This latest update for the browser sports the 80.0.3987.40 version number. This update is released via the OTA channels, and this means the same thing as always.

In order to get the update, all users have to do is make sure that they keep their smartphones connected to a stable WiFi and that’s all.

It’s also worth noting that the update is currently exclusive to beta users.

New Quiet UI 

If you’re wondering what’s new in the update, first of all, the most important change is that users will notice that after they install the new update there’s a Quiet UI.

This was in the testing phase for almost 12 months, and from now on, users will be able to enroll for quieter prompts manually, or they can disable this altogether.

Developers introduced a new UI because they want to help users avoid annoying notifications.

“Unfortunately, notifications are also a common complaint as many websites request the notification permission on the first visit rather than at contextually relevant moments in the user’s journey,” Google said.

The tech giant continued and explained that “Unsolicited permission requests interrupt the user’s workflow and result in bad user experience.”


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