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Google Chrome Android Update 83.0.4103.96 – Available with Improved Security

Are you a fan of using Google Chrome to surf the web using your mobile device? If the answer to that question is yes, then you should ensure to keep your device connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. We mention this because Chrome’s developers have just released a new update, and it is actually rolling out OTA (over the air) channels. Let us dive into it.

Google Chrome Android Update 83.0.4103.96

One of the best parts of using Chrome is the fact that you get access to a constant stream of software updates. The latest software update enables you to change the mobile browser’s version to the current one, 83.0.4103.96.

If the update does not appear in your notifications panel, you will be satisfied to know that you can trigger it manually. You just have to access the Google Play Store page, then press on the “Updates” button. The app store will then automatically download the latest version.

New Features

Google has decided to put a high price on the security of its users. Because of that, it should not be a surprise that the new update is focused on improving the overall security of Google Chrome. The new update does that by introducing a bunch of bug fixes, tackling various problems, and previous security exploits.

Most Important Google Chrome Features

Browse fast and type less: This lets you choose from personalized results that appear instantly as you type and browse faster to web pages that you visited in the past.

Incognito Browsing: The Incognito mode enables you to browse online without saving your history. You can browse in private across all of your devices.

Sync Chrome Across Multiple Devices: Upon signing into Chrome, your passwords, bookmarks, and settings will be synced automatically across all of your devices. You can access all the information you want off of any device, whether is a tablet, phone, or laptop.


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