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Google Chrome 79 Rolls Out And Brings An Important Improvement That You’ll Appreciate

It seems that Google prepared some excellent news for Chrome users just in time for the winter holidays. The company has been taking measures during the past years in order to boost the security for its users by baking them into Chrome.

This week marked the rollout of Google Chome 79, and the company announced it’s launching with brand new features that are reportedly focused on more secure browsing.

Boosting protection against phishing 

According to the latest reports coming from Gizmodo, two of these new features involve greater protection against phishing.

Just in case you don’t know, Google maintains a blacklist of predatory sites as a part of the Safe Browsing service that is used by browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

The latest Chrome version allows desktop users to see the real-time phishing alters on the sites that are not completely safe.

The online publication mentioned above cites a few words from what Patrick Nepper, Kiran C. Nair, Vasilii Sukhanov, and Varun Khaneja of the Chrome Team posted in a security blog post on the feature”

“When you visit a website, Chrome checks it against a list stored on your computer of thousands of popular websites that are known to be safe,” they said.

The experts continued and explained that “If the website is not on the safe-list, Chrome checks the URL with Google (after dropping any username or password embedded in the URL) to find out if you’re visiting a dangerous site. Our analysis has shown that this results in a 30% increase in protections by warning users on malicious sites that are brand new.”

Google expands the phishing tech 

It’s been also revealed that the tech giant is also making efforts to expand on the already existing predictive phishing tech that’s implemented so far.

According to the reports, for users’ Google Account passwords and the passwords that are stored in Chrome’s password manager, Chrome will be keeping an eye on when the login credentials are entered into an unsafe site.

If Google Chrome thinks that the website is not safe, the browser will display a warning and will prompt the user to change the password.


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