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Google Card Is Google’s Upcoming Physical Debit Card

Google is continuing to impress the whole world as it’s preparing its own physical debit card. If you’ve ever imagined yourself using a Google card for paying at the supermarket, making an online purchase, or sending money to a friend who’s far away isolated in another country from another continent, then you’re not far from the truth.
If Apple already has a dedicated card, why wouldn’t Google have one as well? The tech giant from Mountain View is currently negotiating with banks and credit unions for creating its own ‘Google Card.’

How Google produces its physical debit card

Google Pay is a payment service offered by the company that you already guessed, and the Google Card will be connected to it. Google will offer the co-branded physical card by becoming partners with banks like Stanford Federal Credit Union and Citi. Those are said to be the lead partners at this moment.

But how will the Google Card look like? It features a unique layout, several dots within the bank logo, and last but not least: it even offers the owner the possibility to add his name on the card, just like a regular card. The upcoming card from Google will require an associated checking out.

Google Card represents the company’s future plans

Google plans to maintain its dominance in the near future, as it has very ambitious plans. The expansion of the Android 10 operating system to more smartphones, as well as the arrival of Android 11 in May, can be considered highlights. But the huge competition Google has with Apple can only generate impressive releases in the future from both companies.

Hopefully, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic won’t delay or cancel anything else from the tech companies, but only time will decide for sure. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet for a release date of the awaited Google Card, but it should arrive until the end of 2020.

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