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God Of War 5: Release Date and Other Important Info

The God Of War franchise is enjoying a glorious history of 15 years since it was first released for PlayStation 2. God Of War has become a flagship title for the PlayStation consoles, as the series offers eight games across different platforms. The story is based in ancient mythology, and it follows the story of Kratos, who is a Spartan warrior tricked into killing his own family by his former master, who’s the Greek God of War Ares.

The latest released God Of War title is the one from 2018, and the fans are already eager for a sequel. The 2018 God Of War is letting the fans speculate a lot about what to expect from God Of War 5.

Release date

First of all, we must say that there is no official statement from the developers about when the next God Of War title is launching. However, the series director Corey Barlog recently declared that the next God Of War installment would not take five years to develop, as was the case for the 2018 game. This means that we should expect to see God of War 5 running on at least one platform after 2022. But you know what they say that hope dies last, so we can afford to be optimistic and hope that the game will be launched even sooner.

What else to expect

Barlog also revealed during this month that a boss battle against an enormous and demonic bird was cut from the God Of War game of 2018. We can have some hope that Barlog and his team have plenty of aces down their sleeves for what to add to God of War 5 when it will be released. We’re likely to see that demonic bird within the upcoming sequel.

While God Of War is an iconic game series for PlayStation consoles, we can expect the new title from the series to become available for PlayStation 5 as well. Sony’s next-generation console arrives during 2020 Holidays, and there are 99% chances for God Of War 5 to arrive at the stores after this date.

God Of War 5 is coming fast, and we can also hope to see it running on Xbox Series X as well. Are you ready to be the next god of war in the game?

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