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Gmail 2019.10.20.278647676 Update Brings Boosted Performances

Gmail managed to make its name in the Android community thanks to the vast palette of features and the premium users experience that it has to offer.

Gmail is a really useful app that is reportedly preferred even by iOS users who are choosing it over the native iOS email organizer app that Apple placed in its iPhones.

It doesn’t surprise us at all that Google updates the app on a daily basis with all kinds of bug fixes and software improvements.

In fact, there’s a new update that just started to roll out today, and it’s definitely worth checking out. Here are the available details below.

Gmail 2019.10.20.278647676 Update

Gmail definitely has a lot of fans and they will be more than happy with what this latest update brings new.

The e-mail organizer has just received a new update, and it sports the 2019.10.20.278647676 version number.

Another thing worth noting is that the update is rolled out via Google’s OTA. This means that all users have to do is to make sure that their mobile devices are connected to a stable Internet connection and the update will be rolled out to their phones.

What’s new?

The patch notes that are included in the release by the Gmail developers reveal that there are no new features included in the update, but on the other hand, it aims to enhance the overall performance of the app. It also brings new bug fixes for known issues, and this means better stability.

While you’re waiting for the latest update, you can check out some new tricks for the app.

We recently published a guide that will teach how to harness the power of a great tool without the need to visit several sites to understand what you are doing. All you have to do is follow the steps and enjoy the benefits!


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