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Ghost Touch Display Issue – Quick Fix

The ghost touch issue, also known as touch glitches, is the industry term for when your device responds to screen pressed that you did not, in fact, make. It is also a ghost touch issue if there is an area on your phone’s display that does not respond at all to touch. The way in which ghost touch manifests differs from phone to phone, but this problem seems to appear more in some smartphones than in others.

For example, the Moto G4 is reported to have a lot of problems related to ghost touches. Even some older OnePlus smartphones had similar problems. Affected devices include various models of iPhone and some devices released by Windows. The point of all this is that, if your device happens to suffer from a ghost touch issue, the reason is most likely not related to the software.

In the most severe cases of ghost touch, the problem lies with your hardware. The display is not positioned correctly, and the way it is housed inside of your actual phone causes problems. If you are an engineer, aspire to be one, have been one in a previous life or just enjoy taking your electronic devices apart with the required tools (please don’t use a hammer to take your latest iPhone apart), you can succeed in disconnecting your screen from its data connectors. In fact, plenty of people have reported on the internet that the process went smoothly.

Sometimes, water or dirt damage, often located somewhere beneath the screen protector, is what causes these ghost touches. For this problem, there is no one cause or related fix, so if you are not able to return your phone, you might need to go through a few attempts. Some devices are compatible with a screen-testing app, which shows up dead zones on your phone and gives some suggestions in fixing your display.

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