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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta: When’s the Release Date?

After testing the game with the pre-order customers, Ubisoft is getting ready for the big Ghost Recon Breakpoint open beta. It is supposed to start this month, and it will let games on PC, Xbox One and PS4 to form groups (or go solo) and explore the Aurora island.

The company has confirmed that the open beta will come with brand new content from all the previous tests. This means that there are so many reasons to get back to it. We just have to wait until the install process is launched.

Users will be able to pre-load the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta on the 24th of September. Then, the release of the Ghost Recon servers will take place on the 26th of September. We also know and want to share with you the time for the new PvE and PvP.

As per the company, the servers for the game will be released online at 11 am in the UK on the 26th of September. This means 3 am PST for Americans. However, if you have the Online Technical Test, or simply a previous Beta built installed, you won’t need to download the game again, but only a patch.

The official message from Ubisoft says that you can go solo or with a team made out of four players in six regions of Auroa’s open world. These six regions are Fen Bog, Mount Hodgson, New Argyll, Smuggler Coves, Infinity and Sinking Country. There are five missions to take part in and many other side missions and daily Faction missions.

You will need to deal with armed drones – let us not forget about the flying Murmur, the Aamon, which is land-based and the huge (also armored Behemoth).


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