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Ghost Of Tsushima 1.1 Update Adds Special Feature for Animal Lovers

After the Mongol Empire invaded the Japanese island known as Tsushima, one of the last survivors of a noble samurai clan remains alive, and he’s willing of vengeance. His name is Jin Sakai, and he has to engage in a terrible but necessary war for the Japanese people. That’s exactly what the Ghost Of Tsushima game has to offer, and players will have to do their best in order to succeed.

In only ten days, the 1.1 update for Ghost Of Tsushima will be ready to bring an extra flavor to the game for those who enjoy spending time with dogs and are willing of new challenges.

The 1.1 Update summons a dog’s spirit that the player can pet

Developer Sucker Punch Productions itself brought the big news, saying that the new free content arriving to Ghost of Tsushima includes not only the dog’s spirit, but also the Legends multiplayer mode, as well as new add-ons.

In the Legends mode, the player will be able to choose between four classes: the Assassin, Ronin, Hunter, and Samurai. Each of them is equipped with their own abilities and weapons. During this mode, you can team up with another person for story missions or with a maximum of three other people for survival and raid experiences.

Ghost Of Tsushima is currently available only for the PlayStation 4 console, and the game was released back in June. This obviously means that the game will also be running on the next-generation console PlayStation 5, as we know from reliable sources that Sony’s upcoming gaming machine will be featuring backward compatibility for ‘the overwhelming majority’ of the PlayStation 4 games.

Ghost of Tsushima features an open world, and it follows the adventures of a samurai on his quest to protect his people. Although the game received praise for its beautiful visuals and combat, it was criticized for its open-world activities.


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