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Gears 5 Receives the Batista Bomb in a Free DLC Update

Dave Bautista, Guardians of the Galaxy star and professional WWE wrestler, was scheduled to appear into the WWE Hall of Fame this week, but, to no surprise, really, the Hall of Fame induction ceremony has been indefinitely delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Batista Bomb is Now Available in Gears 5

The plan is to move the event to later this year, probably combining the ceremony with the Summerslam weekend in Boston in August. Now, in honor of the award Bautista should have been rewarded with, The Coalition is adding the wrestler’s renowned Batista Bomb finisher to Gears 5 in a free DLC installment.

Gears 5 has already had a number of execution animations in the multiplayer mode, but there’s nothing to compare to the ferocity of the Batista Bomb. Although the champion used this move in real life to knock down its rivals, the game makes the opponents explode on impact, taking it to another level.

The Batista Bomb move is free to download until April 20th on PC and Xbox One. Used with the free ‘Batista’ character skin for Marcus Felix, players can get the supreme Gears 5 Dave Bautista experience.

Spring Sale is On With Up to 70 Percent Off Sales

Gears 5 is at the moment on sale at 50 percent on Steam as part of the Xbox Game Studio publisher sale. Numerous other digital storefronts, such as Switch Eshop, Epic, Xbox Store, and PlayStation Store, have giant Spring Sales currently going on.

Xbox Game Studio titles are up to 75 percent off on Steam, but the publisher sale is only running until April 6th, so make sure you choose the titles you want quickly.

Gears of War, as well as Halo, two of Microsoft‘s tentpole series, have also received great discounts. Gears 5 is only $30, as it is 50 percent off, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection is $32.

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