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Gears 5 Might Become The Best-Selling Game In The Xbox One Era

Microsoft has just announced that Gears 5 had the best release of any of Xbox’s first-party titles during the Xbox One era. Finally, the company gets the win it desperately needed with the Gears 5.

The game features an incredible amount of content, comes with lots of modes it never had, and it is extremely popular after the original series helped with the creation of modern triple-A shooters.

The first week after the release of the title has attracted over three million players from all over the world, which is more than double compared to Gears of War 4’s launch. Xbox Game Studios’ last title that surpassed three million players in the first week after debut is Halo 4, which was launched back in 2012. More so, Gears 5’s PC player numbers are almost triple that of Gears of War 4’s.

Microsoft Announced That Gears 5 Had The Best Release In The Xbox One Era

Gears 5 is the pride of Xbox Game Pass this year, and the definitely most popular and expected game that people can play as it releases thanks to a $10 subscription. When Gears of War 4 and Halo 4 launched, people did not have that possibility. They depended on $60 one-time purchases, while the majority of the shares of Gears 5’s players base allegedly comes from Xbox Game Pass. Also, Gears 5 being made accessible to Steam is a huge part that made the success possible.

Microsoft is probably going to continue advertising its achievements via raw player numbers without ever revealing the actual sales or amount of Xbox Game Pass downloads. These counts will always seem unbelievable when compared to pre-Xbox Game Pass figures. New records will continue to break, but Gears 5 might not be exceeded by other game, at least not until Halo Infinite launches.

The sad part is that this ecosystem of Xbox games speaks much less to the quality of any individual title, but a lot more to the enormous value of Xbox Game Pass. The subscription service seems to become a must-have within the Xbox owners community.


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