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Gears 5 Developers Ban Players Who Quit During a Match

One of the most irking things players can do while engaged in a multiplayer game is leave, abruptly, during a match. It is not such a big deal in online games that allow a larger amount of players in the teams, such as Fortnite or Battlefield. However, titles with modes supporting a small number of players, a single player that quits can ruin the whole match.

The newly launched Gears 5, for instance, has three main multiplayer modes, and most of them support a small number of players in each team. Therefore, a single missing player can destroy the whole round.

Now, The Coalition, the game’s developer, began to take intentional quitters to task, and especially excessive offenders are banned from the game for up to two years.

These Suspensions are Approved by the Other Players

A few banned players have taken to Reddit and claimed they received no warning whatsoever. One of the affected players was ‘NoLifeDGenerate,’ which was banned for 640 days after abandoning the game during a match.

Dana Sissons, Microsoft’s director of communications, replied to the accusations and said that they looked into this particular person’s account; they discovered that in the last day alone, he has played 21 escalation matches and abandoned 18 of them.

These quit penalties allegedly became active last week, on October 9th. However, this measure is only a temporary reprieve for these Gears 5 players, The Coalition said.

The developer also stated that players who were banned for suddenly quitting multiple times during matches over the weekend will be allowed to continue playing. However, they are basically under probation, as they are allegedly one quit away from having their suspension re-activated.

The reactions of the non-banned payers to these reprieves have been overall positive. This makes it very clear that players who have had their matches destroyed by people abandoning in the middle of a round don’t think highly of the deserters.


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