New hints include the arrival of Town Hall 13, a brand new hero, and more goodies. There’s a massive hype around the December update, and this is why it’s definitely not a surprise that they have started earlier with a sneak peek.

You should check out the video below.

GDC 2020

The Game Developers Conference: GDC that will be taking place the next year is the world’s largest professional game industry event.

It will begin on March 16, 2020, and it will end on March 20.

Gamasutra just noted that the Finnish game dev Supercell created one of the most enduring and profitable free mobile games in the world – this is Clash of Clans.

At the event that we just mentioned above, we will have the unique opportunity to see how the company managed to keep it vital with various regular updates and also a new Battle Pass system.

The online publication notes that you should register for GDC in March and make a note to see the “Clash of Clans: Bigger, Better, Battle Pass”.

We recommend that you head over to Gamasutra’s original article in order to learn more details about this.

Registration is officially open for the event – this GDC will be the 34th edition.