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Garena Free Fire’s Season 24 Elite Pass: Forsaken Creed Rewards

Developers of Garena Free Fire, the incredibly popular online multiplayer battle royale title available for both Android and iOS, have recently announced that the next Season 24 Elite Pass: Forsaken Creed will be released soon.

Moreover, according to the report, fans can now pre-order the upcoming Forsaken Creed Elite Pass. Garena Free Fire is also giving a grenade skin called Ancient Gloo Wall as an exclusive reward for those who pre-order the Elite Pass.

The developers of the game have announced the rewards players will receive after they unlock the pass on their official YouTube channel. The upcoming Elite Pass and the awards are inspired by the samurai, and we’ve got the complete list of the items coming with Garena Free Fire Season 24 Elite Pass.

Free Fire Season 24 – Elite Pass: Forsaken Creed Rewards

The official list can also be found on the developer’s website and YouTube channel. Here are all the items coming with the new Garena Free Fire Season 24 Elite Pass.

• Forsaken Blade
• Forsaken Creed Spikebag
• Dragon’s Creed
• Forsaken Creed Grenade
• Pan Forsaken Creed
• Gatlin – Forsaken Creed
• Forsaken Creed Jeep
• Unseen Custodian Bundle and Shadow Custodian Bundle

Pre-ordering the upcoming Elite Pass will unlock a bunch of exclusive rewards that will cost 999 Diamonds. The new pass will have samurais, mutants, guns, as well as a large collection of rewards, such as the Shadow & Unseen Custodian skin sets.

If you’d rather pre-order every season’s Elite Pass, you’d be better to purchase the subscription and save some money, as the registration for each season is only $8.99. Here is the list of items you’ll be able to unlock once you pre-order the Elite Pass.

Pre-order Rewards in the Elite Pass

• Access to all Elite Pass rewards, worth over 10,000 Diamonds
• Elite Challenges, which earns you more badges
• Enhance the daily gold limit by 100
• Showcase the nickname in Glorious Red in the Killfeed
• Receive 50 badges and unlock Shadow Custodian immediately
• Purchase tons of other Elite Pass exclusive rewards

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