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Garena Free Fire Tips – How to Access the Advanced Server

Some Garena Free Fire fans can test everything in the Beta version of the game, even before it appears live on the servers. This Beta program is also known as the Advanced Server. A while ago, it was incredibly challenging to get an account in this Server, but now Garena has made it possible for anyone to join the program.

Advanced Server is the testing platform for each change that is going to be implemented into the live servers of the game. This is the place where players get the possibility to test every new and unreleased feature. They can send feedback to the company regarding the new features, and Garena will then address those depending on the scenario.

Stay on the Watch for New Spots

Even though it is not needed to have an account on Advanced Server, it is an amazing training place for what is about to hit the live servers. The issue, though, is that you cannot simply walk into the platform and start playing the game.

Garena has a limit of players that are allowed in the Advanced Server for Free Fire​, to prevent it from repleting. There are only a handful of players allowed in, and the selection is entirely random.

How to access the Garena Free Fire Advanced Server

Here is how to download the Advanced Server​:

  • Navigate to the official Advanced Server​ page of by Garena Free Fire
  • Register in, and wait for new spots on the platform
  • Garena announces every opening for Advanced Server​ on its website once a month

There are a few other methods to get the APK file of Advanced Server​, but we do not recommend getting them as they can contain malicious items. Regardless of what others say, downloading the APK file of the game from an unofficial website won’t grant you a spot inside the Server, because the entry relies completely on the number of openings in the program.

The best method to get to the Advanced Server​ is by observing the official Garena Free Fire website and pre-registering for future spots. As soon as you match the requirements, the gaming studio will inform you by an in-game email.


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