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Garena Free Fire T.R.A.P. Event​ is Now Live

Before launching the Free Fire T.R.A.P. event, Garena has teased it for several days. Their rap single titled ‘Trap’ had also been announced and then released worldwide on January 21st.

The music video of the song is featuring four characters in new avatars. Garena has also announced the Mystery Shop, which fans said will include skins for the new characters.

Now, Free Fire T.R.A.P. event has been released on January 26th, and it packs a lot of rewards, such as new emotes, permanent outfits, and new weapon skins. The gaming studio behind Free Fire has also released two of the four characters it previously teased, along with the song. The remaining two characters will reportedly be rolled out on February 2nd, a day that will also mark the end of the Free Fire T.R.A.P. event.

Free Fire T.R.A.P. Event

The Free Fire T.R.A.P. event will be live for a total of 15 days, and each day will provide some unique and interesting rewards, such as tokens and skins.

Here is the complete list of the rewards players will receive free of charge throughout the Free Fire T.R.A.P. event.

• Starting with January 26th to February 2nd – Break Dancer Emote, Headphone, and Weapon Royale Voucher – 5 each
• Starting with January 29th to February 9th – Back, Parachute and T-shirt skin
• Starting with February 1st to 2nd – Sunglasses, Elite Pass Badges – 5 each – and Fragments
• On February 1st – A surprise reward and Fragments
• Starting with February 1st to 5th – Diamond Royale, Weapon Royale and Gold Royale Vouchers – 5 each

Besides all these rewards, gamers can gather the tokens by playing games and completing daily missions. The tokens can then be transformed into permanent rewards, such as Scar-Blood Moon, Groza-Booyah, and so on. They can also be exchanged for other rewards like loot boxes, sunglasses, and so on.

The T.R.A.P. event will also pack the new T.R.A.P. Elite Pass that will come with a new Kung Fu emote and a golden Lamborghini. Players are also given the possibility to pre-order the Elite Pass, which, in turn, will get them a Swagger Grenade skin.


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