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Garena Free Fire Season 23 Elite Pass Leaked – New Skins, Content, And More

It didn’t even pass to much time from the release of the Season 22 Elite Pass of Free Fire, and we now have news about the next elite pass.
Rumors regarding the reward of the next elite pass are circulating the internet. This happened shortly after the launch of the Season 22 Elite Pass of Garena Free Fire. It seems to fast for new information, don’t you think? The Free Fire’s OB20 Update was released only a few days ago, and it brought new changes into the game.

The next Garena Free Fire Season of Elite Pass, Season 23, will come out with a lot of new features as well as a new series of rewards. The rewards will be offered to players in the usual way, after completing the game’s missions. However, the release date for the upcoming version of the game remains a secret so far. But the thing is that the data miners have uncovered something. And that ‘something’ is related to the upcoming rewards.

Garena Free Fire Season 23 Elite Pass Reward Leaks

Jaqueta Agentes Female Jacket

A new piece of clothing will be introduced for the female character. To be more specific, a new jacket. This jacket will remain unhidden and can be owned by players as soon as they get the upcoming Elite Pass.

AWM – Agentes Skin

The next version of the Elite Pass will feature a Fox theme. Another reward for players is a new skin that features the Fox theme. To own the skin, you will have to get to level ten.

Cemiseta Esportive Male Jacket

Last but not least, a reward for the male characters. Same as for the female character, the male will get a jacket that looks similar. Free Pass holders will be the lucky ones to own this item, which will also come with a lovely scarf. The Fox theme is kept for this jacket, too, in the new Garena Free Fire update.


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