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Garena Free Fire Season 18: Launch Timeframe and Rank Resets

Garena Free Fire‘s Season 17 of the ranked mode has come to an end, while the next season makes its way into the game. Players’ ranks have also been reset, which means they will have to start competing again in order to reach the higher ranks again.

Players who make it to the ranked ladder will receive numerous rank-up rewards and better season-end rewards. They will also receive a Season 18 Gold Jacket upon reaching the Gold I level and a Season 18 Heroic Jacket when getting to the Heroic tier.

Free Fire Ranked Season 18 – Launch Timeframe

Garena Free Fire Season 18 is set to go live at 4.30 p.m. EST today, October 16th. The season will go on for a total of 68 days and will end on December 23rd. This amount of time will allow players to push up and get to the higher levels of the game.

Free Fire Ranked Season 18 is going live today. [Image Source: Garena Free Fire]
When the end of each ranked season approaches, players get season-end rewards, which can be collected from the mail section on the top of the main menu.

Garena Free Fire – Rank Resets

Here are the rank resets that have taken place in the game as Season 17 ends:


  • Users in Heroic tier will drop to Gold II tier
  • Users in Diamond tiers (I to IV) will go down to Gold I tier
  • Users in Platinum tiers (I to IV) will drop to Silver II tier
  • Users in Gold tiers (I to IV) will fall to Silver I tier
  • Users in Silver tiers (I to III) will drop to the Bronze II tier
  • Users in Bronze tiers (I to III) will go down to Bronze I

Players should not concern about the ranked resets as the stats have only been rebooted for the BR mode. The rank seasons for the Clash Squad and Battle Royale modes are separate.


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