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Garena Free Fire: New Update Brings Custom Room Cards to the Store

Garena fans have been welcomed into the new decade with numerous events in the Free Fire, including the Custom Room Cards that can be found in the game’s store.

Starting with the Treasure Hunt event to the Fatal Blade mode, the gaming studio has been providing players with a lot at the moment, which keeps the entire base busy. In the most recent event update, the company has included Custom Room Cards in the store, which can now be acquired with Diamonds, which is the game currency.

Fans of Free Fire can now purchase the Custom Room Cards by heading to the store tab on the Home screen of the game. A single Custom Room Card has the price of 100 diamonds, which is rather not value for money, but it is still a pretty good deal. Players can acquire up to 10 Custom Room Cards​ at once, and the limit will renew each time they enter the store.

How to Obtain Custom Room Card​s

Even though the Custom Room Cards​ have a price in Diamonds, they can also be purchased in another way, for free. Players can take part in or form guilds, and play together in either ranked or classic matches to get ‘dog tags.’ These dog tags reward the members of the guild various gifts, which also include a Custom Room Card.

Another method to get Custom Room Card​s is to register for in-game missions.

A Custom Room Card​, as its moniker implies, is a special item that is needed to create custom lobbies in the game. Anyone who owns the lobby password can take part in it, and play the game. It is an item that can only be used once, and players interested in hosting scrims should certainly have more than one card in the stock.

The host of the custom rooms can put in place a set of various settings for the match that is being played as well. This includes setting the map, number of gamers, and the audience that comes along with other impressive features, such as movement velocity, player hp, fall damage, and more.

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