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Garena Free Fire: New Character, K, Makes Its Way Into the Game

​Garena Free Fire has two distinctive aspects: characters and pets. The game has users enjoy more than 30 characters at the moment, and each of them, excluding Adam and Eve, possesses a unique ability.

Not long ago, the developer team behind ​Garena Free Fire​ announced a partnership with popular American artist KSHMR, and as part of the collaboration, a new character named ‘K’ was introduced. A new song, titled ‘One More Round’ has also been released today.

Free Fire’s New Character ‘K’

The description of the new character says K is a professor and jiujitsu expert.​ His ability is ‘Master of All,’ which is a unique feature in the game. The character has two different modes: Jiujitsu Mode and Psychology Mode.

Played on Jiujitsu Mode, allies within six meters (19.6 feet) get a 500 percent increase in EP conversion rate. When K is used on Psychology Mode, players get to recover 2 RP every three seconds, up to 100 EP.

The mode switch has a cooldown of 20 seconds, and irrelevant of the mode, the Max EP of the users is enhanced by 50. At the maximum level, the Psychology Mode is the only one improved when compared to the basic one. 

K. [Image Source: Garena Free Fire]
Like every character in ​Garena Free Fire​, K comes in a unique character set – titled ‘Heightened Awareness Set’ – players can get. Several events are also expected to be added to the game to mark the arrival of the new character.

K is not the first character that is based on a real-life personality. A number of other additions in the game, such as DJ Alok and Jai, are also ​Garena Free Fire​ personas of real-life people.

In the meantime, Free Fire developers have revealed the calendar and more information with regards to the events for the Booyah Day celebration; as per the calendar, the events are expected to begin on October 16th.


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