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Garena Free Fire: Latest Update Announces Winterlands Mode

Garena Free Fire is one of the best-executed survival shooter game for mobile. At an interval of 10 minutes, the narrative places you on an isolated island where you are to fight for your life against 49 other players, all striving for survival.

Players are given the choice to select their starting point by landing there strapped on a parachute, ultimately trying to stay around the safe area for as long as possible. The game provides players with vehicles that allow them to explore the large map, hide in trenches, or become hard to spot by laying down on the grass.

Garena ​Free Fire Gameplay

The game has only one goal: to survive and follow the call of duty. Enjoying a realistic and smooth graphic, players are provided with one of the best survival experiences they can find on mobile devices. The controls are also incredibly easy to use.

Here are the title’s modes.

Survival Shooter

Players need to search for weapons, strive to survive, loot their enemies, and end up being the last one standing. To get an additional edge against other players, gamers should aim for the legendary airdrops, all this while avoiding airstrikes.

Fast and Lite

This mode consists of gameplay that lasts for ten minutes. During this interval of time, a new survivor appears, always keeping the number of opponents at fifty.

Four-Man Team

Players can create teams up to four allies in this mode, and establish communication with the team since the squad is created. The mode consists of, again, fighting for your life and leading the squad to victory.

Garena Free Fire: Winterlands 1.43.0 Update

The game developers are releasing new modes, new characters, and other enhancements to the title with every update. The lastest, Garena Free Fire: Winterlands 1.43.0 update, also came with new additions that should make players excited.

Here is what the new update brought to the game.

• Clash Squad can now be enjoyed at any time, due to its new permanent availability
• New weapon dubbed Desert Eagle that can be accessed in Clash Squad
• New Character named Notora
• The challenge to enhance characters has been made more attainable
• New Advanced Attachment for Kar98k, Vss, and M14
• The Anti-material launcher is now considered a secondary weapon
• The page that holds the characters has received a UI improvement
• Players can now put markers on items for their allies
• Classic mode has a dynamic weather

In addition, the developers have announced that the Winterlands mode of the game is coming soon. How soon, we don’t know, but get ready for it because it cannot be delayed a lot since it’s already winter.


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