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Garena Free Fire Latest Elite Pass, Fabled Fox, Will Kick Off on June 1st

Garena Free Fire has announced a new Elite Pass, called Fabled Fox, who packs two violent gangs and an intense narrative of revenge. The story takes place in today’s world and focuses on two gang leaders, named Ben and Zarya, who are turning back home to get back what’s theirs. Elite Pass is expected to be available on devices starting with June 1st.   

The protagonists grew in the Salter district but were excluded from the community when the terrible Smaki Gang gained power. Their new lives did not turn out the way they wanted, and soon after, they were recruited by Vulpes, an even bloodier gang.   

Throughout a decade, the two characters managed to climb the ranks and ultimately became the gang’s leaders. However, they have now decided to return to their old home and defeat the Smaki Gang.  

Inspired by Japanese Mythology  

The gameplay has a lot of rewards to seize, such as Kitsune’s Riposte and Revenge skin sets, the Dashing Fox skateboard set, and the Fabled Foxes motorbike. A new Fabled Fox-themed loot crate is also available to unlock, which looks like the gang’s mask.   

The design of these themed items was based on Inari Okami from Japanese mythology, also known as O-Inari, the god of foxes. The entity is said to represent fertility, agriculture, industry, prosperity, and success. This combination of classic Japanese outfits and contemporary streetwear looks rather smart.  

Garena Free Fire’s last playable character, Wolfrahh, is expected to be available soon, but in the meantime, the developers have announced its first online-only esports tournament in Asia. Free Fire Asia All-Stars 2020 is scheduled to kick off from 12th to June 13th, and it will feature top streamers and professional players from all over Asia. They will battle against each other for their part of the $80,000 prize pool. 

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