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Garena Free Fire: Kalahari Desert Map is Available, as Well as New Character and Mode

Garena Free Fire has made the popular Kalahari Desert map available. Players now have full access to it, as well as to the latest update that has recently rolled out.

The Kalahari Desert map has become incredibly popular when the gaming studio has first begun testing it via dedicated events. Therefore, Free Fire developers decided to stick to it and make it permanent.

The Kalahari is an arid map, inspired by the real Kalahari Desert that spreads across Botswana in Africa. The updated version of the map is now allegedly packing a full variant of the Kalahari map.

Besides the brand new map update, a new character and the Training Grounds mode have been included in the game.


The new character, Steffie, is a 23-year-old professional graffiti artist that seems to be rather sassy. However, deep down, she wants to make the world a better place. Her active game skill mirrors the desire to help other people, mostly by the fact that she can create an area of graffiti around people she wants to protect. This wall boosts the defenses of those enclosed within; players inside the graffiti art take less damage, and their armor doesn’t decrease when harmed.

Training Grounds

Players who’d rather play in combat, outside of an active war zone, can do so in the brand new mode, Training Grounds. The new mode gives gamers the chance to analyze their weapons, character skills, and even meet new people with whom to create a team.

There are two major zones available in the Training Grounds. The first one is a shooting range with all the guns in the game available. This zone allows players to learn more about the weapons and practice by using them. The second zone is an exhibition area where players can fight, as well as revive themselves countless times.

Garena Free Fire is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


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