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Garena Free Fire: How to Use the Sensitivity Feature

Garena Free Fire is not that of a difficult game, but being a great player requires some time and a handful of practice. There are numerous players that invest lots of hours per day just to get better at playing. Even though it all relies on the dedication and practicing in the correct manner, there are specific things gamers can do to enhance their overall skill level.

Sensitivity is quite a fundamental part of the game, but most players ignore it. This is a functionality that enables players to control the weapon movements, and even if it affects the gameplay in a huge way, the majority of players don’t even know that the feature exists in Free Fire.

Using the sensitivity feature in a proper way can enhance the gameplay and bring an overall high success percentage. Here is a short guideline that shows you how to use it efficiently.

NOTE: It is important to know that sensitivity changes might differ with each device.

How to Use the Sensitivity Feature in Free Fire

The sensitivity option can be found in the settings menu on the Home screen of the game. It is sufficient for most players, but it can certainly be enhanced. Players who can manage high sensitivity and normally use Drag shoot should get the ‘General’ to 100.

Even so, there is a serious impediment to keeping the General at 100 because the screen can sometimes become hard to control, more so if there is more than one target. Keeping General at very low, which is 5, can be of help for players who are having trouble controlling the recoil in a combat setting.

All the scopes, such as Red Dot, 2x Scope, 4x Scope, and AWM Scope, are dependent on a situation. A Sniper might outperform with lower sensitivity on AWM Scope and 4x Scope, but an Assaulter might get better results by adjusting the 2x Scope and Red Dot sensitivity.

Eventually, it gets down to personal preference and how comfortable you are. It is, however, recommended to adjust the feature and try in custom servers or regular matches before going for the ranked mode.


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