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Garena Free Fire – How to Use Gloo Walls Like a Pro

Garena Free Fire makes it possible for players to create their own play style and enjoy the game as they please. That’s why, for more aggressive players, the developers have included the Gloo walls, which can be used to rush into enemies. For a more defensive type of player, Gloo walls can help add to their safety and help them survive.

​As such, the Gloo Grenade is an item that can be thrown or placed to get a cover, a.k.a a Gloo wall. These walls can shift the things in your favor if you know how to use them. While the purpose of this feature is rather obvious, mastering it can be difficult.

However, we’ve listed below a few tips to help you get the maximum output from Gloo walls. Read on to find how they can aid you.

Tips for Gloo Walls in Garena Free Fire

Crouch Placing

The majority of Garena Free Fire players place the Gloo walls while standing. These items can be set in the perfect angle and spot by placing them while crouched. This position will also help you retreat an enemy push because the rivals won’t expect to find you this way.

Aggressive Placement 

If you ever had an opponent camping in the next house, which left you unable to push forward, a Gloo wall would have done the job. You can place the item at such an angle that it picks rivals from the corner and brings them right in front of you.

Gloo wall skins in Garena Free Fire [Image: Wa Daw/YT]

Heighten the Gloo Walls​

Because the height of the Gloo wall cannot be adjusted, your enemy has the advantage of getting an easy headshot while you’re trying to stay covered. In such a situation, the best thing you can do is crouch; however, if you place a second Gloo wall just above the first one, it would be impossible for your opponent to get to you in any way.

Fake Gloo Wall Placement

Fake Gloo walls​ are highly used in competitive matches as they generate a pseudo location in the final play zones. All you have to do to achieve this is to place a Gloo wall and move to a cover while guarding it. Therefore, if a rival rushes to the wall, you’ll be able to spot them immediately.

Practice in Custom Matches

To become better at using Gloo walls​, it is best to practice with the feature in custom matches by trying to place them as fast as possible. This will improve your muscle memory and help you master it.

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