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Garena Free Fire: Four Tips for Beginners

Garena Free Fire is one of the most battle royale played mobile games all over the world. The game boasts more than 450 million registered gamers as of August 2019, and over 50 million active players per day.

Players who are just starting getting familiar with the game might feel intimidated and perhaps confused battling against experienced gamers. It is imperative to know the pros and cons of any title before you start playing it. Therefore, here are our five tips on Garena Free Fire for players who have just started playing it.

Four Tips for a Better Garena Free Fire Gaming Experience

Know Where to Land

Even though this seems too simple and direct, pre-planning the landing place before jumping is incredibly advantageous. It saves you a lot of time early in the game and excludes the issue of early rotation.​

According to the play style, gamers can either choose hot places such as the Clock Tower and Pochinok or drop in less jammed areas like Cape Town and Hangar. While hot landings give a lot of loot, they are highly questioned, and there is always the danger of an early encounter with rivals in these areas.

Don’t Waste Time Looking for Perfect Loot

Even though ending up with the perfect loadout is the perfect scheme, it can not be achieved in most cases. Take what you can early in the game and gather all utilities such as Grenade and Flashbang.

The process of looting should be rapid. Also, be careful that you’re not caught unprepared while you loot. Getting the ideal loot is not an abrupt action but rather a building process.

Prepared to Fight at all Times

A common gaffe new gamers normally make is running from battles. Being the one that handles the fight is not only a superiority tactic but also a better way to approach the game.​ Although you may not be the best from the beginning, experience will help you develop a powerful mental and good fighting skills.

Use the Practice Mode

Any multi-player game requires practice in the correct direction in order to achieve success. The game offers a training mode, and it is imperative to use it properly.​ Try every weapon you find in the training mode, as it will give you a feel about weapons’ recoil behaviors and bullet drops. It is also a positive way to improve your accuracy and get to know different locations of the map.

Hopefully, these tips will help you build a better experience with Garena Free Fire. If you are an experimented player of the game, feel free also to drop your tips that make the gameplay more exciting.


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